Day 6

John 16:33 I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

Landing in a new country for the first time can be so scary! Relatively simple things you could achieve at home without thinking can suddenly become massive hurdles, even more so if there’s a language barrier. It’s the moments like, needing to make a phonecall, find a supermarket, or figure out how the transport system works that can be excruciating if we don’t have someone to show us the way. I guess heading into church for the first time could be a similar experience, especially if you’ve never set foot in one before, the whole language and surroundings can seem so alien if you don’t have a friendly face and a loving heart to welcome you home. 

I love this verse. The disciples, up until this point had followed Jesus their rabbi, teacher and friend. They knew that wherever they went they would be provided for, they trusted him and his dying I imagine, would be the very last thought on their mind. 

How Jesus loves them. In John 16 He lovingly prepares them for the things that were to come, give it a read. But each revelation comes with the promise, ‘I’ve told you these things, so you may have peace.’ He tells them so they know what’s coming and they can continue to trust even when everything seems lost. He doesn’t promise that they won’t have any trouble ahead, he knows that they will but he does tell them ‘Take heart,’ be brave! ‘I have overcome the world.’ Jesus saw the full story and knew how it would end. 

P.s. Be brave, Jesus has seen your full story and he knows the outcome! Let’s be guiding lights in our world, looking out for the lost, the broken and the hurting, helping them through so they don’t have to be afraid and so they can find the peace we have in our loving God.

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