Bite sized Bible~ Will and Calling

‘Is it God’s will? 

‘Are you being called to do something?’

Questions that we hear often in church circles, I’ve heard them a lot on the mission circuit too. In fact I’ve asked these questions as I’ve been waiting on the what next in my own life. But what do these actually mean?

What is God’s will? Why do we talk about something we want to do and add ‘God willing’ on the end? What is this calling we keep talking about and does anyone actually know what they are destined to do or who they are destined to be?

I’ve been inspired to write some little bite sized Bible chunks that tackle the these topics, leaving a space for you to ask questions. I’d love to know too if you have a question that you’d love to hear an answer or opinion of. I’ll do my best to answer.

May this be the beginning of a learning journey for both of us.



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