~Bite sized Bible~ Abba

Chiquitita don’t worry, you’re not lost. This isn’t a post about the flare wearing Swedish pop group, it’s about someone much greater. Someone we can call Abba.

Did you know Abba is from the Greek language? It actually means, my father or daddy. It’s an intimate expression a child would use when calling their father.

I was reminded today that in the Bible Jesus refers to his Father God as Abba. When we are welcomed into the family of God and give our heart to Jesus we are invited to become a child of God. We are a son or daughter, we belong to the perfect father, someone we can intimately call daddy.abba-father

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get so focused on the three in the trinity that I forget that God is one in the same no matter which side we look at. I’ve been guilty of thinking that the Father God in the old testament is the stern one, the one that gets displeased easily, one to be more fearful of. This is such a lie!

It’s easy to fall into the comparison of thinking of God like our earthly father too, for those who haven’t had the greatest experience of what an earthly father is this can dramatically change how we view our heavenly one.

God is not the same as your earthly father, neither is he angry at you, judging you, or looking at you disapprovingly. Fact.

The bible says if we want to know what God is like, look at Jesus, they are one in the same. When we see the way Jesus was when He was here with us on Earth we see a direct picture of the love of God, the way Jesus loved is the way God loves. Because they are one in the same.


Get into the habit of remembering that you are loved! That you can come to God with absolutely anything and He loves you! That you can call Him Abba, Daddy, Father God.



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