~Bite sized Bible~ The Trinity

Tricycle41zCUeo8qNL._SY300_, Triangle, Triceratops…. things that have three’s.

Tricycle has three wheels

Triangle three corners

Triceratops – literally means three horned face!

So it only makes sense that the trinity has something to do with three. Trinity literally means ‘the state of being three’ so what’s the trinity got to do with Christianity?

Actually the word trinity never appears in the bible, not once, the word was coined by believers after the bible was written to refer to God who is three persons or beings that make up one God.

We believe that God is made up of three – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each equal in power, each fully God – together making one God. Yes it’s mind blowing that three equal parts make God.

Basic maths suggests that 1+1+1=3

but in this case

1 Father + 1 Son + 1 Holy Spirit = God.

So if the word trinity isn’t mentioned in the bible how do we know that God is three in one? Because they appear together constantly. John 1 begins with this:

john1_1This verse is saying that right at the beginning of creation, there was God and the word was with God. So did God have his Bible with him in book form right at the beginning? Let’s think about it, would the creator of the universe really be reliant on a book to remind him of his own story? Nah! So what’s this word all about.

Let’s look further:


Here’s another clue further in John – ‘The Word became flesh’. Who became flesh and came to earth to display the glory of God and to save us? JESUS!

So that verse in John 1:1 is saying, ‘In the beginning was Jesus and He was with God, and he was God.’ So now Jesus and God are together before the beginning of creation. Awesome right?

Wait, there’s more, I said that God was 3 in 1 and right there that’s only two right? Well check out Genesis 1:1-2101003-ot-vistas-01-in-the-beginning-genesis-1-4-728

Right there is the Holy Spirit! Do you see him? ‘and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.’ So Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all together at the beginning.


Let’s look at another time that they all appear together as God.

At the baptism of Jesus.

Check this out, Jesus is standing in the river with John the Baptist at his side ready to dunk him. He goes down under the water and as he rises this happens:flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1The voice from heaven = The Father

Jesus in the river = The Son

The spirit descending on him like a dove = The Holy Spirit

Three beings all together at the same time displaying the Trinity.

Also, did you know, whenever God was referred to in the original text of the Bible He was always referred to in the plural form – back in Genesis when God is creating us we see this:when-our-view-of-god-is-too-small-16-638

So in short, the Trinity. Three beings equal, making up one God.

Just. Wow.

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