Prayer Please – Adventuring and Adjusting

By now I will have been in Nigeria at least a week or so! At this point in any journey you experience all kinds of new things.

I’d value prayers, thoughts and wishes for:


– Finding my way to work and back
– Being street-savvy and staying safe
– Getting to know my neighbors!


– Loadshedding (limited electricity) that i’d adapt quickly
– Alone time, evenings draw in fast here, that means a fair bit of time in the evenings to try and occupy myself – pray for awesome neighbors!!
– Church, that i’ll find one, settle and find ways of being fed spiritually


Praying that you have found your adventure, that you’re pursuing it with faith and that you remember to stop and thank God along the way… Much love C x


3 thoughts on “Prayer Please – Adventuring and Adjusting

    • Claire says:

      Hi yvonne! Thanks oodles for the prayers! 🙂 there are a few people here from Mission Africa but we are spread across different projects so we don’t see each other all the time like BMS teams etc MA do have teams like BMS that come out together tho 🙂 x

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