A reason to Praise!

Yesterday I had my second day at Open Door. The children are busy learning some lines for Cerebal Palsy Day which we will be celebrating on Thursday.

I got some teaching time with Praise yesterday too. Praise is a very determined little boy and right now we are working on his communication skills, both talking and writing. I’d love to get him writing his name pretty soon. He’s already making fantastic progress! We were both equally chuffed that he managed to write the letter P for Praise yesterday, wobbly but definitely the letter P! To see the grin on his face was priceless!

I attended the PTA meeting this morning at Open Door which gave me valuable insight into the way the school works and a chance to meet some parents. I was so blessed to be able to meet Praise’s parents too!! They told me that recently Praise has been continually searching for pens and paper at home to practice his writing – seriously encouraged by this!

Its very early days but it’s so encouraging to have a student who is so determined! I’ll leave you with this:

P for Praise!


P is also for prayer!

Please continue to pray for:

Safety in Jos – I’m feeling completely covered in prayer but keep praying!
For the staff, students and parents in the Open Door family.
And Thank God for my lovely host family the Gaiya’s! I have been so blessed by Pamela, Musa and their family! They are taking great care of me!

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