Prayer Please – I’m on my way!

Today I am on my way to the airport, getting on a plane direct to Abuja then I’ll be taking a 4hr drive north to Jos. So by the early hours of tomorrow morning I should be pottering around under the sub-Saharan skies!

If you get a minute between 10pm tonight and 7am(ish) tomorrow morning please could you be praying for some of the following:

(And if you’re not the praying type I’d still value your thoughts and wishes)


– Safety in flying
– Finding my way through the airport
– Collecting my visa
– Safety through check-points on the road to Jos


– By now I will be well dosed up on Anti-Malerials, please pray that my body would adjust to them well.
– Please pray for my general health, that I’d keep hydrated and topped up on suncream!

– Please also pray for my spiritual health



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