Might Warrior? Me? …

Imagine if God appeared to you via express Angel and called out to you ‘Hey there Mighty Warrior!’ would you double take? would you look behind you to check there wasn’t someone behind you? … I think I’d probably laugh and say ‘Who? Me?’ …

That’s exactly what happened to Gideon in the Bible. The angel of the Lord comes down and does exactly that, ‘Sup Mighty Warrior, God’s got work for you to do.’ I love to imagine that Gideon did a double take and turned to look behind him…before replying ‘Who? Me? Are you kidding? Right Now I’m hiding so I don’t get killed, I’m the youngest and most unimportant person in my family and you’re calling me Mighty Warrior??!!’ (check out the full story in Judges 6)

God has a fantastic habit of using the most unlikely people to do extraordinary things. If you look at all of the ‘great’ types in the Bible – Moses (he had a speech issue), Elijah (got depressed), Noah (had a drink issue), Peter (denied he even knew Jesus), they all had huge flaws but God used them to do phenomenal things.

It’s so encouraging to know that we don’t have to be perfect to receive God’s blessings, we just have to be willing..

So it’s a week on Thursday that I head to Heathrow, check in my bags and sit in the departure lounge where I predict my normal pre-mission panic!


Right now I feel a little like David, you know the little dude from David and Goliath, I’m stood before the King wearing armour five sizes too big the only audible sound being a *gulp* and the thought – Am I really doing this?! Then I suddenly remember it’s not the armour of an ancient King that is shielding me, but the armour of my creator God and then all I want to say is – bring it on!

Mission can seem like such a giant thing – in reality, it’s just saying ‘yes’ to hanging out with God and to letting him take the wheel of our life. It’s being around and letting God use you in extraordinary ways whilst taking people along with you on the journey.


So – ‘Sup! Mighty Warrior… yes you! God’s got a job for you – He wants to hang out, give you some ideas, plans and dreams and He wants you to share them with the World so that His glory can be seen through your extraordinary life.’

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