Day 14

Mark 9:23  

“‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

The day before we were due to travel half-way around the world I get a panicked phone call from the hospital. Mum had hurt her back and was currently laid up on a stretcher unable to move. Literally hours before we were due to fly to Sao Paulo. 

While this would be disappointing for me I knew mum would be absolutely gutted. I’d been to Sao Paulo working with a church the previous year and as soon as I’d returned she wanted to sign up and go herself. She’d even literally counted down each of the 365 days until we’d be going. The situation seemed hopeless.

But Jesus says everything is possible for the one who believes. 

I got on the phone and called friends asking them to pray and began praying for her healing too. We’d been planning this trip for months, it was mum’s first and she had been so excited to go. In as shorter time as it took me to call round and pray I got another phone call saying she was on her way home and felt fine. How quickly our God can turn a situation on it’s head! 

When you know Jesus you can see that instances like this are more than just coincidence, luck or medical genius – they’re His love poured out for us!

P.s. He loves you. Trust him to take the impossible and make it possible.

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