A hero in a hoody.

Not all superheroes wear capes – some wear purple hoodies and skinny jeans.

This weekend has been an adventure. You’ll no doubt have seen pictures or heard some of the buzz around church and our amazing London Carols service at Wembley.



And, while I was SO blessed sitting in that INCREDIBLE space – Reflecting on the journey it took to get there reminded me that I would not be in that room if it wasn’t for God’s grace and friends who came through when I really needed help and wisdom.

Team was prepped, hotel booked, backpack packed, all I needed to do was get mum in the car, pick up the sister and drive to Wembley to check in and then meet a beaut friend for dinner. Simple.

Fast forward 4 hours later and I’m standing by the side of the road in the pouring rain with 5% battery, about a 45-minute walk from Wembley with no clue how to get there.

I’ve never felt so relieved to see a friendly face, a warm car and a donut with sprinkles.

It all started with a Range Rover that cut me up on a roundabout. I’ve had a couple of scrapes in my little car but she’s a tough little cookie. In spite of a few bumps I’m quite a good driver, and being in Milton Keynes I’ve become pretty adept at navigating roundabouts!

So when I crossed into the filter lane and came nose to tail with a four by four I slammed on my brakes but couldn’t avoid hitting the car. Megs, my car, came off with a cracked headlight but she’d flattened the tyre of the monster car in front of us and I was a teeny bit chuffed she’d held her own. And so thankful to God that my family were safe and unharmed.

As I exchanged details with the other driver, who was surprisingly nice, even if he did blame us, I gave my little megs the once over and decided she was fine to get off the roundabout and carry on.

Not ten minutes later she came to a halt, gears locking, clutch springing and a suspicious burning smell coming from under the hood. We all piled out of the car popped the hood and looked at the engine – like we knew what we were looking for – we didn’t.

Hands shaking, about to lose it I stood in the driving rain googling the number of the insurance company to try and arrange a pickup. Plans in turmoil, I didn’t know what to do.

No idea where I was in relation to where I was going, I sent out an SOS to a friend.

It was his response that hit deep. No second thought, it didn’t even take 30 seconds for him to reply.





Not only did this guy drop everything to deliver my sister and mum to the hotel so they could be in the warm, when the tow truck driver left me in the rain after two hours waiting in the car, he came back to scoop up this lost sheep who had found her way to a garage, to deliver me to the hotel too. And even was sweet enough to bring me donuts, much needed sugar to recharge my poor brain!

Taking two hours out of his day to just be there for me at that moment was priceless.

I was genuinely touched. Coming to my rescue meant that I could spend time with my family on Saturday. It led to having the time to talk to an amazing friend who spoke much-needed wisdom into my life. It meant I didn’t have to travel home with my car and face having to drive back again in another car. It meant I got to sleep that night and could get up early to lead my team at carols too.

It’s amazing acts of pure kindness like this that have such a ripple effect – allow you to experience selflessness and feel genuinely loved. Things that the word’s ‘thank you’ seem inadequate for and just display the heart of God in such a real, tangible, practical way.

There are, and have been, so many literal and metaphorical bumps in my road – there are for all of us right? Times when all plans are off the table, you feel completely stuck, don’t know what to do or who to turn to. Times when you feel like you’re running on fumes, that your battery is totally flat and you just need a hero in a hoodie to swoop in and sort you out.

This is why we’re called to live life alongside each other. God never meant us to live in isolation, He is ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIP. God himself lives in relationship, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and, being made in His image, we can go further together than alone.

I am so thankful for life’s loving motivators, my literal superheroes and my LOVING SAVIOUR JESUS for taking the time to love me at my darkest and wade into my situation to make things better.

Never underestimate the effect your words and actions can have on the lives of others. With each new day, you have an incredible opportunity to step in and make a difference, to reach out to life’s damsels and transform their day, to love the lost and help heal the broken.

So let’s reach out more and love like Jesus.


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