~Bite sized Bible~ The Om(nom nomni’s)



The title of this post isn’t really reflective of what I’m going to write about – it’s more an excuse to use the above picture which I found a little bit amusing 🙂

Omni means ‘all’ in honesty I’m not sure where it originates, leave me a note in the comments, that’s why an omnivore is called an omnivore – because it eats EVERYTHING.

There’s some great characteristics that we recognise as God’s that begin with: Omni. They’re words that used to puzzle me until quite recently when in a study class I had to memorise them for a test! So here goes, here’s just three of God’s characteristics, I’ll call them the ‘Omni’s of God.’

God is:




Let’s debunk these posh words shall we? Here’s what they mean:

Omnipotent – All powerful, God is all powerful, there is no one more powerful in existence.

Omniscient – All knowing, there is nothing that God doesn’t know, every hair on your head is numbered, every thought of your heart heard.

Omnipresent – Everywhere, there’s no place on earth or in the heavens that God isn’t. He never leaves us, he walks with us, looks out for us and guides us. He is everywhere.

There’s a beautiful psalm that captures these characteristics of God – David, a king and a poet wrote a lot of the Psalms in the Bible, many were set to music and one of my favourites is Psalm 139 and it starts out like this:



David describes God as all knowing – omniscient, knowing when we sit down and when we get up, knowing our inmost thoughts and what we’re doing throughout the day. Even down to before we speak, God knows exactly what we’re going to say.










Here he moves onto God the omnipresent, God who is everywhere. There’s no place we can go that’s away from God. From the remotest parts of the world to the busiest city centre God is there, guiding us and leading the way.





And finally God the omnipotent – the all powerful!

God the creator, who breathed life into us, who knew us even before we were designed. No one else on earth can create life, that’s God. He is all powerful.



Read the whole Psalm here. I love this psalm, it’s a perfect example of the magnificent power, presence and knowledge of God. It reminds us that we are never alone, there is nothing in our lives that God is not interested in and that we are a pure miracle, made by the most powerful being. God, such a small word for such an incredible life giver.

And here’s my favourite verse (although all of the psalm is incredible) this verse has been a constant reminder that wherever I go, whatever situation I’m in, whoever I encounter, God is forever with me, walking with me, he loves me and has a plan for me.

The NIV puts it like this: ‘If I rise on the wings of the dawn, If I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.’ But this version is equally beautiful:7a2a28f92ce169ad5cce6c98a085c75c

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