If faith can move the mountains … let the mountains move.


Matthew 17:20 says this, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

This verse comes directly from the mouth of Jesus and when we believe in his word as true and living, and relevant for today we can stand on this promise and see it come true for ourselves. Can’t we?

This morning an incredible young lady got up onto the stage at church and we prayed for her adventure ahead, she’s off to America to study. What’s special about her is she has faith that God will provide. When she realised she wanted to go to America to study everything seemed impossible. A mountain of financial support had to be found, she gave up sixth form and sat exams that would hopefully get her into university in the US.

She listened to God and faithfully followed the direction her heart told her to go in, even when she wasn’t sure she looked for God and he confirmed it again and again. There was no plan B! No crash mat to land on if everything went wrong, she had to rely on God to provide everything – with faith.

As humans we seem to be automatically programmed to make plans for ourselves – it can be difficult to hand over not just the big decisions, but every decision to God. We worry that people may think that we’re crazy, we’re fearful that we actually are crazy! But if we’re willing not to get in the way of ourselves, not to make excuses and to place everything in God’s hands the outcome can be incredible.

This morning on stage in front of our entire church she said this: “Everything seemed impossible, but God made it happen. I started getting scholarships that I didn’t even have the grades to be applicable for, people gave me gifts of money for tuition. God made it possible.”

What an incredible act of faith and an amazing testimony to us that God wants the very best for us and will provide if we have faith and listen for his voice.

M – you know who you are! Your faith shines out! You are courageous and brave! What lies ahead is just the beginning! Keep jumping out in faith and this life will be the most amazing adventure you could ever experience. There will be scary things, exciting things, happy and sad, but keep practicing having faith in God and all things will work for his glory!


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