Prayer Please –

It’s my birthday! What a memorable way to spend my 28th! Sending love and wishes to all my family at home!

Prayers, wishes and thoughts appreciated for:

– Please continue to pray for the project and all of the children and young people associated.

– In the run up to Christmas things often get busy and hectic, please pray for the tutors and staff at Open Doors, pray they will be refreshed over the Christmas break.

– Pray that each of our students will have a safe, blessed and truly Happy Christmas

– In the light of recent events in Jos and across the country please pray for peace in Nigeria, pray for the families that have lost loved ones and for the leaders of this nation. Pray that they will have wisdom in the coming days.

I pray that you have a truly awesome fun-filled day! Have a slice of cake for me! (send me a picture too if poss that’d be awesome!!) Much love … C x


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