#Pray4Praise the power of prayer!

A couple of weeks ago my LBC family witnessed something quite strange at church. To their disbelief my double appeared wandering down the aisle singing her head off and wearing my clothes! No, I didn’t fly home for the weekend! What happened instead was something completely incredible.

My mum, dressed as me, delivered a kids talk that inspired our children to pray for a child of a similar age to some of them. It started with a simple idea, what if we all said a prayer as we brushed our teeth? What if we all prayed for the same thing?

What if we all prayed that Praise could walk?

I know you are praying, I’ve seen it! No I haven’t been hiding behind your shower curtains and listening to you brush your teeth and pray, that would be far too hazardous and not even my ninja powers stretch to that kind of commitment. I know you are praying because I see everyday an improvement in Praise.

Back in September I sat and watched amazed as a wobbly Praise tottered along, knuckles white as he held onto the bars in physio and practiced. Over the weeks he carried on the same, getting a little more confident and every now and again showing off. I watched as his buddy, also named Praise did the same, she shuffled along step by step and gradually has become more steady on her feet. I’ve seen them encourage one another with hi fives and count each other’s steps.

Last week suddenly we noticed some pretty amazing changes. Praise boy began getting steadier and steadier until this week he came in wearing shoes! He was so proud that he had shoes on his feet that he wanted to show everyone. We walked from office to office so staff could admire them. We took steady steps as he held on to both of my hands.

Yesterday we took a risk and I let go of one of his hands and said ‘let’s go for one hand.’ One step, two, three, four, five!! We counted together, we had walked side by side with me holding one hand! Major milestone!

Today we left Physio hand in hand, we wobbled and balanced but managed around 50 steps from the physio room, to see the head teacher and to the classroom, he only held one of my hands and even when I offered the other he was determined not to take it!

KEEP PRAYING! This little boy is desperate to be up playing on the field with the other bigger boys, chasing a football, playing on the swings and doing even basic things we take for granted. He is so nearly there!!

Prayer + determination = awesome progress!

Thanks so much LBC kids and all those praying for Praise!
This is Praise in his new shoes!

– please pray for both Praise and Praise as they continue to encourage each other.

This is Praise girl strutting her stuff in Physio


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