Prayer Please – More of the same

I’m sure by this point I’ve been able to find some Internet to update you with some more particular prayer requests but please continue to pray for more of the same!

– That I would continue to pursue what God would have me do
– For protection, safety and street smarts!
– For the kids and teachers of the project, that the kids would learn and the teachers would be re-energised and continue to share their creativity and passion.
– Pray that I’ll continue to be close to God, that I’d be fed spiritually and draw closer to him day by day.
– That I would be prepared for every eventuality, bible study, prayer meeting, church service, with a sermon or talk tucked in my pocket ready to be shared at the drop of a hat!
– Pray for the health of all of us! Protection from all the nasty germs out there!

**** please pray for my upcoming trip south to visit the girls I did my training with!****


Praying that God finds you in this day, warms your heart, protects you and keeps you and blesses you beyond measure. Much love C x 



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