A pretty epic day…

Today was pretty epic. I think I’ve told you that Praise is a pretty determined little boy. This morning was no exception. I’ve taken to heading straight to the physio room in the mornings so I can watch the kids as they do their various exercises to strengthen their muscles. Praise is there almost every day with another girl who is also called Praise!

Praise boy and Praise girl take it in turns using the hand rails to practice their walking and each counts ten laps out for the other. It’s so much fun to watch and get involved making them laugh and cheering them on. This morning Praise boy decided he was going to show off… He was alone walking this morning when I went in as Praise girl had gone up to the field to play.


I was greeted by a massive hug which was awesome and then he headed to finish his ten laps. Nearly half way through he made sure I was watching and started taking his hands off the bars and standing, trying to walk without holding on. We exchanged a glance which definitely said ‘look Auntie Claire … No hands!’ I managed to get a picture and a little bit of video and he was so thrilled to watch it back. I’m finding a little encouragement goes a long way!


The past two days he has pretty much insisted on walking to the classroom holding onto our hands. Praise boy and Praise girl even had a little race as they steered both myself and their teacher toward the classroom yesterday.

Over the past few days we’ve started working on figuring out the alphabet together. Praise is desperate to be able to write so we are working together to try and copy letters hand to hand and then see if he can draw them himself. There was extra excitement today as he realised auntie was giving him homework! So he has happily headed home with a little green folder containing some letters to copy.

At the end of the lessons we have started to play games which the other children like to be involved in. Their current favourite is the shopping trolley game, which we’ve had to learn to take turns with.


I’m seeing God work wonders in these students already and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a toughie to leave!

Please pray for:

– The children at Open Door, many are in need of sponsorship still.
– Thank God for the teachers and volunteers as they devote their time and passion into these children.
– Praise God for recent donations which have meant that more resources for teaching reading and writing are on their way!
– Pray that God would continue to provide for the every need of this school and the children here.


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