In Jos! :)

I’ve finally arrived at my destination! I’ll be spending the next few months on a lovely compound called Mountain View. There are a few other mission houses on the site. I’ve yet to meet some of the neighbours but I’m sure there’ll be time over the coming days.

The journey here was pretty good! After being collected at the airport I stayed a couple of days in the capital Abuja with the lovely Linda and Billy and family. Originally it had been planned that I’d be going straight to Jos but in fact it was really nice to have a couple of days to adjust to the climate, to meet Lyndsey and Jephath who had worked at Open Door before and to get my barings.

On Sunday I made the four hour, thirteen check-point journey to Jos with my trusty driver Zongo. Having heard a variety of stories about checkpoints I was pretty unsure as to what to expect. As it was most of the guards on the checkpoints just waved us through and the ones that stopped were intrigued as to where the white girl was off to. So all in all it was a pretty good journey. Zongo tried to teach me some Hausa on the trip but I found it pretty tricky to get the hang of. I’ve now got a list in my journal of greetings to practice.

Since then I’ve met a fantastic lady called Pamela and her family! She has put so much thought into my arrival I couldn’t have asked for more. I arrived at her house to Sunday lunch and plans for the week which was fab! I met some other missionaries here, everyone seems to know of my arrival which is nice. Since setting up my phone and internet yesterday I’ve had so many texts offering to take me shopping and to help me get settled.

The plan now is to head to the project for a visit on Wednesday to see the children and figure out where I’ll fit in. I’ve been told that I’ll be picked up by the kids school bus everyday which is fantastic! Getting to the project had been one of my little concerns but God is faithfully going before me as always and planning the way! A big plus will be I can ride in with the kids everyday which will be awesome 🙂

Thank you for all your prayers and messages! Please continue to pray for safety as we travel about. Pray that we stay healthy too!

So thankful for Gods continued blessing! He is so good! All the time!

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