Pop-Up Post: Worship – Who are we singing for?


I love to sing. In the summer I wind down the windows of the car, open the sun roof and belt out some tunes, for a brief journey of time I am in the zone! I don’t care who can see or hear me because as far as I’m concerned I’m in my car, my own little bubble, the sun is shining and the world requires a soundtrack. Anyone I pass must see me and think I’m a complete lunatic, but I just don’t care.

I believe that there’s something very special about music. It can be a powerful tool, I’ve seen people transformed through it. The shyest student at college becomes a completely different person, someone without the ability to speak can suddenly express themselves in dance, music is such a special thing. That’s why I love to sing, it has the power to transport you to different places.

I also love to worship through singing. But what’s the difference? Singing is for us, Worship is for God. Worship is when you take the music and notes and words and wholeheartedly give them back to God. For me it’s being transported into that place where you just don’t care, you lose track of everything around you and suddenly it’s just you and God. You forget about you and it’s all about Him.


We have a worship team at church. One thing I’ve noticed when being a part of the leading on a Sunday morning is that you kind of have to tune your heart. Like the strings of a guitar the heart needs to be set right for you to worship. Anyone can sing the words on the screen. But how can we actually connect and mean them? We tune our hearts, we pray, we quiet ourselves before God then we worship with our heart.


But worship isn’t limited to using our vocal chords! Worship should be our lives. When we ask Jesus into our hearts and offer what we have to his service our whole life becomes Worship. It becomes something offered purely to Him. When we tune our lives to God awesome things happen.

You see God is a God of Worship. Anyone can mouth the words on the screen of life but how many of us can say we actually mean them?

My challenge to you is this: commit yourself to worship wholeheartedly. Take some time to quiet your heart before God and ask Him what He wants you to do next? Don’t be afraid to dream big, Gods not in the habit of making things boring!


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